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By now, almost everyone understands the endless benefits that the hemp plant offers. Its benefits do not only pertain to physical health but it also offers various advantages for mental health, thanks to its anxiety-relieving properties. At the moment, cannabis products have been increasing in popularity for quite some time now. 

Although many people predicted a soon-to-dim flame situation, the hemp plant’s fire just keeps igniting as more and more people are showing interest in this trendy alternative medicine. If you have doubts about how effective hemp is or if you were expecting this trend to fade, here are seven surprising reasons why you should take a second look at this wave because it probably is not going anywhere anytime soon.

 1. The Crazy Growth Rates Say It All

  Sometimes, the word of experts is not enough to convince people of a product. Putting face value aside, a simple comparison between the hemp-derived CBD market numbers back in 2017, and the numbers from 2018 will show the crazy exponential growth the market has witnessed in just 12 months. The numbers have skyrocketed in a year to reach $5 billion in revenue in 2018. Regardless of this unprecedented growth, what experts predict for the year 2023 is even more astonishing, as they expect the numbers to hit more than $20 billion in market revenues soon. What was once demonized by the media and stigmatized by the society has quickly become a brilliant, full-blown phenomenon in the mainstream medical field.

 2. Evidence-Supported Claims 

Without evidence-based benefits, people would have never believed the big claims cannabis presents. This plant started to gain unprecedented popularity in the mainstream medical market the minute people realized what it has to offer, from relieving arthritis and joint pains and doing wonders for hair and nails to maintaining one’s overall health and wellbeing.

The benefit most celebrated by the majority of CBD users is the stress reduction and anxiety relief these products offer. A growing number of people are unable to deal with the mental suffering and distress of our fast-paced world, and CBD products have proved quite useful in that respect. Thanks to the cannabis legalization movement, cbd oil wholesale programs would have never been available to the public. The movement has also opened the door to numerous research and study opportunities, which is why we have so many CBD products on the market today. Without these studies, people would have never believed that one small plant can be capable of improving our quality of life in the way the hemp plant has managed to do. 

 3. Affordability

 Ensuring success in any industry is directly linked to the price of the products and services provided. If the majority of the public cannot access the product due to its high price, the target audience will be limited to a small pool of people who can afford it. What really sets CBD apart, in addition to its various benefits, is its affordability. Without it being affordable, many people would have shied away from even putting those claims to test, and consequently, many people would have never been able to support these big claims with proof that the hemp plant actually works. Due to the staggering evidence presented to confirm the hemp plant’s effectiveness, the market is expected to witness an even bigger success and growth in the future.

4. Expected Increase in CBD-Infused Pharmaceutical Products

 It doesn’t come off as a surprise to find the pharmaceutical industry in a vicious race to pioneer the oncoming hemp movement. Right now, CBD medicines are sold by a single pharmaceutical company that owns the patent for a plant-based CBD drug. However, the approval of the FDA is considered a precedent that will only get the ball rolling for other companies looking to produce similar plant-based CBD medications. 

Currently, CBD pharmaceutical products are mainly used for the treatment of seizures that are resistant to other medications. What makes this interesting is that the number of seizure patients with drug-resistant conditions isn’t that high, yet, the sales of CBD medications are quite impressive.

 5. The Approval of the FDA

 The number of CBD-related clinical trials is gradually increasing every year, as a new industry is preparing for its grand entrance. Even though the FDA would not approve all CBD-based medications, CBD products will still be available across different channels in the country. The stocks of pharmaceutical companies conducting hemp-based research are already riding on a rising tide that doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon.

6. The Availability of Edibles

 Edibles are quite popular among those who enjoy CBD recreationally, thanks to the wide range of products they offer. CBD can be integrated into a huge variety of food and beverages, from chocolate to tea. This makes them quite convenient and removes the intimidation that normally comes with the stigmatization of hemp. What many do not know is that edibles are actually quite effective as a medication because they are gentle on the stomach and have long-lasting effects. They can be used to treat a wide spectrum of painful symptoms, including nausea and insomnia. This has encouraged many manufacturers to start getting creative with the methods they use to market their products. Even though hemp-based edibles only amount to a small percentage of the market, the demand for these products is increasing at an impressive rate. The FDA’s plan to authorize edibles will allow even bigger players to join the industry.

 7. Flexibility

 Other than the availability of edibles, what has set cannabis apart since it started becoming popular y is the flexibility that has made more people interested in trying it and putting it to the test. Some people cannot stand ingesting the oil in its liquid form, while others hate having to swallow pills. This is when the hemp plant really excelled; the substance offers great flexibility that appeals to people with different preferences. CBD remains active, whether it’s vaped, ingested, placed on gums and under the tongue, and even when it’s applied directly to the skin. The latter form made it possible to create topical creams that are not only marketed for youthful skin, but also as pain-management remedies for aching joints.

 CBD is not only the new celebrated trend in the mainstream medical field, but it’s also the hottest trend in the investment sector. Since all expectations and predictions are pointing in the direction of continuously increasing growth, taking your share of the pie now is the smartest move for anyone looking for a great return on their investment.

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