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CBD oil is popular for easing many ailments people deal with each day. Did you know that there are benefits to using CBD with your workout routine? 

Folks are trying it out to see if they can get energy boosts and recover faster. There are several ways to use CBD, and today we are sharing with you the eight benefits that come with its use. 

Heart Health

There is quite a bit of talk about how CBD can help with heart health. When we work cardio, we are increasing the strain on the heart. Not in a bad way, but we can get more out of the workout if we use CBD first. It’s now known that CBD is a vasorelaxant. 

The term “vasorelaxant” means that it will relax the arteries and veins so blood can flow. When we are in a strenuous cardio workout, our veins and arteries dilate due to a protein in our system. 

However, our arteries and veins do not completely dilate, so the extra boost from CBD allows us to get more circulation in the system. Improved circulation means less fatigue. You’ll improve your stamina and endurance to achieve longer workout times.

Meanwhile, you are promoting more red blood cell production to transport oxygen to your muscles. That helps maintain cell, circulatory, and heart health as you workout.

Sore Muscles

CBD balms are becoming increasingly popular. Many athletes and professional trainers use these balms on the sore muscles. It doesn’t take all the soreness away, but it does take the edge off, so you can rest easier during sleep and recover a little bit quicker. During a workout, you get tiny muscle tears to help grow the muscle. 

Those tears feel sore, and sometimes, we tense our body in response to soreness. The CBD balm works to relax the muscles while healing is taking place. Healing happens quicker when our muscles can relax during that healing.


If you run, lift weights, or do high-intensity interval training (HIIT), inflammation is present. These exercises cause inflammation within our muscles from the muscle tears. Inflammation can slow the recovery time. No one should workout with inflamed tissues, which is why recovery is so important. 

You can take CBD before a workout to slow down inflammation, or you can rub balm over inflamed muscles after. Many athletes choose to do both to get the most out of recovery time.

Ease Performance Anxiety

Not everyone who works out has to perform. 5K runners, marathoners, triathletes, and competitive lifting may want to consider CBD. Many folks use CBD to reduce anxiety and feel calmer. Every athlete has performance anxiety. For some, it’s manageable with breathing and mantras. 

Others struggle with the stress that could end up sabotaging their performance. Using 10 mg CBD capsules from Penguin CBD before an athletic event is a great option to help you focus on what you are about to do. You can use gummies or drops of oil to get the best out of your event.

Reduce Recovery Time

As mentioned before, CBD can be a benefit for reducing recovery time. It will never replace recovery time; it will also be beneficial to your workout. Many athletes have noted that they can reduce their recovery time. 

It may be that you needed three days, but now you can go back to the gym after two. Faster recovery time gives you a bit of a boost to your workout goals and makes them more achievable than before. 

If you are new to the workout game, reducing your recovery time can motivate you to get back in the gym. Some people slow down their workouts when they take a day or days off to recover. When you are new to the gym, every bit of help can keep you motivated to push forward.

Balance Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is the “stress” hormone. Whenever we are in heightened awareness, cortisol travels through the body. This can be a workout, finding out exciting news, or dealing with struggles. There is a benefit of cortisol, it works with the liver to detoxify the body. Cortisol also works to prevent tissue building, so it’s ironic our bodies release it during a workout. 

The problem is that it combats our efforts during high-stress workouts. It can lead to loss of bone density, high blood pressure, and eat up muscle tissue. So how does CBD help? It stabilizes cortisol production during a workout. Cortisol is still released but at a slower rate and allows you to achieve your goals.

Boost Energy

Have you struggled to get to a workout due to fatigue? Have you slowed down mid-workout? CBD can help with an energy boost. Taking it before sleep can help ensure that you get enough rest the night before. Fatigue before a workout is often due to a lack of healthy sleep. While exercise does help maintain healthy sleep, many Americans still struggle. 

Consider a bit of CBD before bed to help you relax so that you can get to a night of good deep sleep. If you are fatiguing mid-workout, that may be due to lack of stamina, or you may be pushing too hard. Lack of stamina is common, and CBD should come into play when stamina becomes a frequent issue. Everyone has off days; it’s when it’s routine that CBD can help.

CBD is excellent for healthy sleep. It is helpful to keep a journal of how you sleep before you start a CBD regimen to improve sleep quality. Take note of what time you went to bed, when you got up, and if it was a workout day. If you notice you sleep better after a workout but not well every other time, try using CBD on rest days. 

CBD helps relax those who are anxious and contributes to the slowing of the “monkey” mind. If you are a thinker right before bed, it is harder to get to sleep. If you always have a hard time sleeping, even with a workout, CBD can help. When you sleep well, your body can recover well.

If you’re ready to consider adding CBD to your routine, start with a small dose and note how it makes you feel before increasing it. Also, be sure to talk with your doctor to make sure the CBD will not interact with any prescription medications you may be taking.

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