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Two products, both harvested from the same plant—cannabis—but decidedly different in the use for each.

The latter, often shortened to THC, is the ingredient in the cannabis plant that makes marijuana a hallucinogenic drug.

Buzzards Bay Botanicals Profile

The front window sports the company logo for Buzzards Bay Botanicals.

The former, better known as CBD, is one of more than 100 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. Extracting CBD from cannabis, and not THC with it, results in a non-psychotropic medicinal.

Educating people on the benefits of CBD, and how it differs from THC and marijuana, is a goal for Mark D. Juitt, 62, the owner of Buzzards Bay Botanicals at 45 Main Street in Buzzards Bay.

Buzzards Bay Botanicals opened for business in August, although Mr. Juitt said he started working on the store in May. He said that he is developing a clientele, and at present, things are a little slow.

“We’re trying to grow it, get the word out and be viable by the spring,” he said.

The company sells a variety of products including tinctures and salves, as well as pet tinctures and treats, he said.

Tinctures are liquids, which are loaded into a dropper or syringe and then placed under the tongue where it is absorbed into the body. Salves are creams rubbed onto the skin. The pet treats are for all mammals, but primarily for dogs, Mr. Juitt said .

In addition to the tinctures and salves, he also sells CBD beauty products, soaps, bath bombs, lip balm, skin care products, oils, lavender products, natural soaps, and soy candles. There are also jewelry and custom wooden flags created by local artisans for sale.

“Everything’s basically local or New England,” he said.

In addition to growing his business, Mr. Juitt said he is focused on educating people about CBD and how IT differs considerably from THC, the ingredient in marijuana that induces highs.

CBD, he said, treats conditions, while marijuana just makes someone forget they have the problem.

“CBD works as a medicinal to help people address their different conditions,” he said. “With marijuana, you’re taking a product to give you a euphoric feeling that helps you not have to think about your condition. It isn’t necessarily taking care of your condition.”

He said that marijuana carries the additional disadvantage of the psychotropic agent THC staying in one’ssystem for up to a month. That, he said, poses problems for people who hold jobs at which they cannot have THC in their system.

“You can do CBD and get the full benefits of the plant without having to deal with being high or having to deal with being tested, those downsides,” he said.

Among the afflictions that CBD helps alleviate, Mr. Juitt said, are sleeplessness, anxiety, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and trauma. He said that he uses CBD products to address sleep and digestion issues from which he suffers.

Buzzards Bay Botanicals Profile

Some of the educational information that greets customers entering Buzzards Bay Botanicals

He described the way CBD works as similar to taking a vitamin supplement. The body, he said, already has a certain amount of CBD in it anyway. An additional amount brings the body into alignment, he said, resulting in what he called homeostasis.

“Your organs work to their full potential,” he said. “Stomach, liver, different organs work better with the addition of CBD in your system.”

The uninitiated have charged that CBD and the sale of products containing CBD are tantamount to selling adult use marijuana. Mr. Juitt is quick to point out that while both products come from the cannabis plant, there is a sharp difference between the two.

Cannabis with a measure of .3 percent THC is what is called hemp. The hemp plant contains a variety of CBD components, he said. While hemp contains that minute amount of THC, it is considerably less than the 10 to 13 percent found in marijuana, he said.

Mr. Juitt said he has embarked on an effort to educate the community about the benefits of CBD, and its divergence from the THC found in marijuana. He said that he had a presentation scheduled for residents of Keystone Place on November 16. An illness going through the facility forced the presentation to be postponed, he said.

He said he is also negotiating with Bourne Community Television about doing an educational show on CBD, including how the substance works and how it can benefit people. He likened the potential show to “a CBD 101 to help people learn and understand.”

“We’re here to support the community, and help people understand about CBD,” he said. “That’s what we do here. We’re happy to be part of the growing Bourne business community down here. We support that and hopefully we’ll be able to be here for a long time.”

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