Can you have a CBD Overdose? What are the Side effects of overdosing CBD?

Can you have a CBD Overdose? What are the Side effects of overdosing CBD?

When many think of overdosing, they thing of deaths they’ve heard about from other drug overdoses. This is all related to the toxicity of a drug or substance.

The FDA requires products to have an established toxicity level, which is known as LD50, or a dosage that would be lethal to 50% of users. Unfortunately, because the FDA has no stance on CBD (or cannabis products), a LD50 has yet to be pinned down.

Theoretically the LD50 of cannabis is believed to be around 1260mg/kg. With CBD dosages normally in the 10-50mg per serving range, it would be impossible to consume that high a dose.
Even if you were drinking CBD straight, you’d have to consume multiple bottles at a time to even come close to that number.

Another important fact is that there is not a single recorded instance of a person dying with an overdose of THC or CBD being the recorded cause.

So, no… you cannot die from CBD consumption, that doesn’t mean there won’t be adverse effects though.

We always recommend that you start slow when first consuming CBD to establish how it will make you feel, and what is the correct dose for you. For more information on this, check out the video we linked above.

Side effects of a CBD Overdose

So… Let’s say that you ate a handful of CBD gummies or several droppers full of CBD oil the first time you try it, what’s going to happen?

The good news is that most people report very mild side effects with CBD.

It’s possible that you’ll experience dry mouth, nausea, stomach issues or appetite changes, or drowsiness if you’ve “overdosed” on CBD.

In fact, many of the bad experiences and side effects often attributed to CBD are actually from THC, the more popular, and psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. Too much THC can often cause the paranoia associated with smoking cannabis.

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