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Dear Stoner: My wife dramatically improved her insomnia with about 25 milligrams of THC ingested at bedtime, but when she wakes up she can have problems with balance and difficulty walking. Will a combination with CBD help? How do I find those products?

Dear Lou: Your wife needs to have this conversation with a doctor if you live in a state with recreational or medical marijuana, or if you’re cool enough with your current physician to bring it up. Cannabis edibles affect all of us differently, and adding conditions like insomnia and balance issues to the mix means she could be experiencing some side effects that this Stoner has no business talking about. CBD products are much easier to find online and at retail locations, but talk to your doctor about that, as well.

The more specific the dose, the easier it is to avoid an edibles hangover.EXPAND

The more specific the dose, the easier it is to avoid an edibles hangover.

Jacqueline Collins

I will say that edibles are infamous for still being effective long after you fall asleep, especially if you consume them right before bed. A family member who eats about 5 milligrams before going to bed routinely wakes up in a fog that doesn’t wear off until 10 a.m. And friends of mine have woken up high out of their minds in the middle of the night after fewer than 20 milligrams. The hangover is real, so keep that in mind when ingesting cannabis.

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