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Life within life – Pregnancy is a vow to see and care for yourself — and that bundle of joy growing inside you. Each pregnancy has a unique story to tell. And, with every pregnancy comes a handful of difficulties to address. Pregnancy can be challenging because it is unpredictable how a body reacts physically and psychologically.

So how does pregnancy square with cannabis, the growing rage among pregnant women? According to a national study cannabis use in pregnancy almost doubled in the USA since 2002. While most doctors have a knee-jerk reaction against cannabis and pregnancy, most of them have never been trained on the subject, so it’s a good time for a second look.

Before delving into why cannabis use is on the rise in pregnancy, let’s take a quick look at cannabis and its health benefits.

THC or not THC? That’s one question

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Cannabis is a psychoactive drug found in Cannabis Sativa and Indica plants. There are almost 500 compounds found in cannabis, the major two being Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). THC is psychotropic. It interacts with specific receptors in the brain to control mood, pain, and other feelings. THC can thus make a person ‘high’. CBD, on the other hand, is the non-psychotropic compound and beneficial for a range of health problems and overall well-being. Medical marijuana use sees the use of both CBD and THC concentrations for treating several physical and psychological issues.

With the rise in medical marijuana, you will find cannabis in almost everything. Apart from smoking and vaporizing, the user can get tinctures, oils, creams and edibles. In today’s date, companies even provide a more potent cannabis extract in the form of, say, Shatter Canada, which is a photogenic glass-like concentrate used for vapes.

Why is there a spike in cannabis use?

During your pregnancy, you might experience several health problems like nausea, indigestion, cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, sleeplessness, constipation, prolong backache, gestational diabetes, and others. Sometimes pregnancy can give you exasperating mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Pregnancy in such cases becomes painful and tiring. With unnecessary fear of uncertainty, the happiness of giving birth can turn into a nightmare.

Conventional treatments are available, but due to skepticism that revolves around the safety of using traditional medicines, more pregnant women are turning towards natural remedies. A study shows that almost 55% of pregnant women prefer to self-medicate with natural products to cope with medical conditions during pregnancy. Cannabis, being natural, safer, and promising health benefits, is the latest addition in the list of herbal medicine used during pregnancy.

The growing acceptance of cannabis during pregnancy solely depends on health benefits. Also, legalization, modern low-THC dosage products, and better alternatives to smoking like tinctures, edibles and vaporizing, raise the bar of use of cannabis. But research related to the effectiveness of cannabis during pregnancy is still in the stage of infancy. One of the few ongoing studies shows some anecdotal references about the benefits of cannabis, as given below.

1.   Cannabis may reduce pain.

Chronic back pain and cramps have a long and disturbing relation during and after pregnancy. However, intense problems like leg pains, joints, pain, headaches, migraines are also common and discomforting during pregnancy. Cannabis has a therapeutic effect on various symptoms that causes pain.

Another 2018 study reveals that cannabis has benefits in migraines and headaches. Cannabis users even support the fact that during pregnancy, it helped to diminish acute pain and ease their lives.

2.   Cannabis can provide relief from anxiety, stress, and depression.

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Physical changes, insomnia, and hormonal imbalances are a few reasons why an expectant mom faces specific psychological issues like anxiety, stress, and even depression. Cannabis has successfully helped in relieving many such psychological problems.

For instance, a recent study indicates that cannabis has therapeutic benefits on a range of psychological disorders.

A 2019 study also conveys that cannabis can counter stress, anxiety, and depression. With all these therapeutic effects on psychological issues, cannabis may induce complete mental well-being. Before starting your cannabis treatment, do thorough research on the subject as most doctors say no to the use of cannabis during pregnancy.

3.   Cannabis may control nausea.

Morning sickness affects most of the women during pregnancy. Although it is not harmful, it can cause severe discomfort. Cannabis can be useful in treating nausea and underlying symptoms like pain, anxiety, and low appetite. A report shows that in the U.S., more women suffering from nausea during pregnancy are turning to cannabis. Many women are, therefore, self-medicating themselves to get rid of the discomfort. But, the use of cannabis during such a crucial period of life can be lethal as well. So, consult with your doctor before proceeding.

4.   Cannabis may treat insomnia.

Indigestion, frequent nausea, vomiting, and pain can be a few reasons for extended insomnia in pregnancy. CBDfx makes pure CBD oil which in general, can effectively treat all the above issues that lead to insomnia. During pregnancy, some pregnant moms reported that cannabis had helped them to treat their sleeplessness and encouraged a perfect sleep schedule. 

5.   Cannabis may become the natural medicinal alternative.

For specific medical conditions, antipsychotics, opioids, and anti-nausea medicines can be prescribed during pregnancy. Generally, these drugs are safe, but the prolonged use of such medications can sometimes prove harmful to mothers and babies. Expectant moms are thus reluctant to use these drugs. Even though cannabis has several healing properties, it is still advisable to check with your doctor.


The references provided by the users throw a ray of hope that cannabis can become a healthy alternative to conventional drugs available for several medical problems during pregnancy. But again, further research is required to perceive the same efficacy of cannabis during pregnancy. Overexposure to cannabis is often associated with long term physical and psychological problems in mothers and babies. In some cases, cannabis use has seen side effects like more frequent nausea and vomiting in expectant mothers. Therefore, doctors strictly do not recommend the use of cannabis in pregnancy. So, if you want to use cannabis during pregnancy, consult your medical practitioner for proper guidance.