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“We are so proud to offer a better way for older adults to get essential personal care products, a need which has been clearly validated during these last few months of stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Alexi Suvacioglu, CEO and Co-Founder. “Because is dedicated to the often-overlooked senior market and the often-not-talked-about-topics associated with this age group. Baby Boomers spend more than twice as much as millennials online but are targeted by just 5–10 percent of the marketing. We think there is huge potential here.”

Seventy percent of disposable income in the U.S. is controlled by the more than 74 million Baby Boomers—and they are increasingly making their purchases online. Because started by tackling incontinence, an $8 billion market, and one of the leading issues affecting this aging population (more than 25 million in the U.S. alone), and developed a full suite of proprietary products including protective underwear, pads, cleansers, sanitizing wipes and creams.

In Fall 2019, Because acquired competitor Willow, whose revolutionary protective underwear product is the slimmest on the market, completely disappearing under clothes while offering more leak protection than most options available in the grocery store. “We are thrilled to offer Willow’s state-of-the-art product design and performance to our customers as we continue to build out a best-in-class, curated assortment of incontinence solutions at Because,” added Suvacioglu.

This month, Because launched a slate of CBD topicals, gummies, tinctures, and sprays aimed at helping seniors relieve pain and anxiety, as well as sleep better. Other products including oral care, vitamins and supplements are on the horizon.

Fueled by passion and personal experience in this area as well as vast tech and startup  experience—Suvacioglu and co-founder Luca Gualco are Silicon Valley vets (eBay, Uber, WeWork, RetailMeNot) and both have aging family members for whom they’ve had to buy personal care products—Because has grown rapidly, selling over 70 million products to hundreds of thousands of customers. The reviews on its website often express gratitude for the company’s diligent customer service team including the founders, who often read and respond to customer inquiries themselves.

Because has attracted more than $35 million in funding to date from big names including Index Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Bow Capital and Exor.

The company aims to offer a thoughtful selection of products curated especially for seniors. Following the suggestions of its vocal customer base, Because recently redesigned its website to better serve its users and how they are buying and using Because products. A convenient subscription service is available for everyday products and all products arrive in discreet, easy-to-handle packages.

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Because is an online destination for personal care products dedicated to the often-overlooked senior market. The site is a curated, convenient one-stop-shop designed to educate customers and direct them to the right products that allow them to live vibrant, independent lives. Because offers the highest quality, scientifically formulated personal care products to address conditions that often accompany aging including incontinence, personal hygiene, skincare, oral care, and pain and anxiety. Sold direct-to-consumer, Because products include adult protective underwear, pads, cleansers, creams, denture adhesive, mouthwash, vitamins, supplements, CBD products, and more. All products are discreetly shipped directly to a customer’s home in easy-to-handle soft packages with large fonts that are easy to read. For more information, visit

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