How Long Does It Take For CBD Effects To Hit Me?

How Long Does It Take For CBD Effects To Hit Me?

There are 2 main factors to consider when talking about CBD effects and their onset rate.

1. The person using the CBD (Weight, tolerance, metabolic rate)
2. The product being used (Product type, CBD type)

Smoking/Dabbing CBD seems to hit most everyone at about the same rate. As soon as you exhale you immediately feel the effects and know that you’ve added CBD to your system and it’s working.

When it comes to eating CBD, taking it sublingually, or using a topical cream or a bath bomb, it really depends on the person. In general you can expect to wait at least 20 minutes before feeling the effects from the CBD.

Heavier people or someone with a closer metabolism will probably have to weight a little longer to feel the effects than someone who’s smaller/lighter or has a faster metabolic rate.

Use the comments section to share your experiences with CBD. How long did it take to hit you? How long did the effects last?

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