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How to incorporate CBD into the workout


Unless you have spent recent months on the moon, you’ll be aware that CBD has been a hot topic over the past year or two. CBD can be taken in a dozen different ways, and its proponents will tell you a dozen different benefits that can derive from doing so. People recommend CBD for everything from anxiety to Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s Disease to cancer, and are even administering their new cure-all to their pets.

While some of these purported benefits are fanciful, or at least unproven, there are others that are supported by large volumes of solid research and scientific data from respected sources. For example, CBD is high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. These two facts alone mean it can be highly valuable to those who pursue an active lifestyle. 

CBD for fitness fans

Whether you’re a professional athlete or you just like to go out for a run or a bike ride a couple of times a week, CBD can play an important role. CBD is a cannabinoid and the first thing to understand is that these substances already exist in the human body. They regulate bodily functions that include mood, appetite, memory, sleep and various others. 

This is called the endocannabinoid system, and put simply, CBD helps it to function more effectively, thereby helping to manage the symptoms of a range of conditions, both physical and mental. As far as sports and fitness activity is concerned, this is important because CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties mean swifter recovery from sports injuries or aching muscles, improved blood flow and a better night’s sleep. 

CBD also has antioxidant properties. The role of antioxidants in exercise has been debated at length, but one area that everyone agrees on is the benefits antioxidants have on the skin. Running, cycling and playing outdoor sport, in particular, are activities that can take their toll on your largest organ. It’s claimed it helps keep the skin looking supple, fresh and young – no wonder so many Hollywood celebrities swear by their CBD face masks.

How to take CBD

The most common ways of administering CBD are either orally as a capsule or via a dropper, or topically in the form of some kind of cream or oil. There are literally dozens of choices in this regard and it really comes down to personal preference and needs. Capsules have the advantage of giving a precise dose every time, while with a dropper, dosage can be increased or decreased as necessary. 

Topical CBD products are also extremely popular. For someone in the habit of getting a massage after workout, then a CBD massage oil will undoubtedly enhance the experience and ensure even greater benefits. Alternatively, there are creams and gels that can be applied after showering, not to mention those A-lister face masks we mentioned earlier.  Any one of these applications will deliver CBD’s core benefits both inside and out, leaving someone feeling and looking fresh and ready for more action.

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