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Patrick Gower was diving into the hot topic of medicinal marijuana in New Zealand, but things took a personal turn when he reflected on his late mum’s pain.

In the first episode of Newshub’s Patrick Gower: On Weed, the journalist spoke about his mum’s battle with lung cancer and how marijuana could have relieved her pain before she died.

“I feel that I let her down by not learning more about cannabis… I just should’ve tried it,” he said to Erin Cummings, cancer survivor and actress, during a visit to the US.

Though illegal in New Zealand, Gower believed his mum would have taken it and he would have been able to make some days, weeks and months better for her.

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But it’s illegal status was the issue for Cummings, not the fact that Gower didn’t attempt to source it for his mum.

“You didn’t let your mum down, the government let your mum down,” she said.

Earlier in the episode while speaking with his dad, Gordon, Gower got emotional discussing his mum who was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. He said that time was “a year of incredible pain”.

The potential medical benefits of marijuana was highlighted in the first episode of Patrick Gower: On Weed.


The potential medical benefits of marijuana was highlighted in the first episode of Patrick Gower: On Weed.

Speaking of the pain she was in, his dad said there was nothing that could be done.

“You’re helpless,” he said.

Gower asked his father if they would have considered using medical marijuana, to which Gordon said, when you get to a stage in the illness, anything is an option for pain relief.

Gower spoke to a grower and distributor in New Zealand he referred to as Gandalf. Gandalf, or the Green Fairy, said marijuana changed the life of a cancer sufferer he supplied.

He explained ‘Cancer’s Nightmare’ was his biggest seller and was regularly used by people with cancer and pain.

Gower discussed his mum’s experience with pain and questioned whether it would have helped her during her battle with lung cancer.

He travelled around New Zealand speaking to illegal distributors and users about the benefit of cannabis and CBD oil with various illnesses including chronic fatigue, seizures and cancer.

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