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“Our concern is because these products are unregulated, they are not going to state accurately what they contain,” board executive director Cody Wiberg said. “They may contain things like herbicides, insecticides and heavy metals. And also that claims are being made that just aren’t true.”

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Andrew Freeburg owns One Life Products, a kiosk inside Eden Prairie Mall. He said the oils, lotions, water and edibles he sells all contain CBD from industrial hemp – a chemical some claim has significant health benefits.

“A lot of people love the alternative of having something natural,” he said.

“People are using it for anti-inflammatory. People are using it for sleep and just about anything else.”

Including for pain.

“That’s a huge one,” Freeburg said. “I’d say that’s 35-45 percent of our business.

“Everything we have is third-party tested by trusted labs that will tell you exactly what’s in there,” he added. “So there’s no question as to what you are actually taking.”

Wiberg said CBD products that are properly formulated contain only minimal amounts of THC – the primary chemical in marijuana that provides the high feeling.

“It does have side effects,” he warned. “It does interact with other drugs. If you’re going to use it, then just really exercise caution.”

Wiberg is expecting legislation surrounding CBD in the current legislative session. 

He said he hasn’t heard from any lawmakers yet, but added that if he doesn’t in the next week, he will reach out in the hope of getting a bill sponsored and ultimately signed into law regulating CBD.

Freeburg said he would welcome that.

“I am very concerned about the vape culture,” he said. “Some of the smaller stores throwing things up on the shelves (that) they don’t know where they are getting it. They don’t know the purity. They don’t have the paperwork with it, and it’s giving the whole industry a bad name.” 

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