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Everything Aubree Saia does is connected to health and wellness. That includes her superfood-enriched, CBD-enhanced cacao truffles. 

“This is not your ordinary chocolate,” said Saia, who founded Inspired Alchemy with her husband, Bohdan Nedilsky, about seven years ago. “It’s all organic, it’s dairy free, we don’t use processed sugar. It’s nutrient dense. 

“Chocolate is a great delivery system for nutrients and everyone loves chocolate, so why not let chocolate be the delivery system to get these medicinal mushrooms and ayurvedic herbs and superfoods into people’s bodies?” she added. “I mean, we are what we eat.” 

Though at first glance truffles and a healthy lifestyle don’t seem to go hand and hand, Saia’s treats serve as a way to introduce people to superfoods, raw food and a holistic lifestyle. 

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The only heating done to the truffles is a warming of the coconut oil that forms part of the base for each chocolate, along with cacao powder and Medjool dates. Each truffle has a theme, like the Queen Bee, made with Wisconsin honey, or the King of the Forest, with mushroom powder and pine pollen. 


From left, Koffee Kapow!, Lemon Ginger Sunshine Daydream, Golden Buddha and Mistletoe Magic truffles from Inspired Alchemy, shown at SuperCharge! Foods in Madison.

Ingredients in the Iron Heart truffle include strawberry powder, which has shown to help lower cholesterol, and hawthorn berry powder, which is loaded with antioxidants, may help lower blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory properties. 

The Goji Genius truffle contains ingredients to support cognitive function and memory. Gotu kola, an herbaceous plant from Asia, is believed to help with nervous disorders and has been used with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Ginkgo biloba is thought to improve memory, focus and to stimulate creativity. 

The flavors and nutrition in each truffle are so concentrated that Saia suggests cutting them into two or three bites. 

“The flavor sets are very, very unique,” she said. “They’re pretty far out and interesting and delicious.” 

In addition to superfood flavors, Inspired Alchemy makes CBD-infused truffles. Saia uses CBD (cannabidiol) oil to manage pain from an accident; her daughter uses it for anxiety. Inspired Alchemy currently makes three different CBD truffles, but Saia hopes to continue to add to the line and have strain-specific boxes that focus on different effects, like creativity or rest.

“We use all-organic, full-spectrum CBD as opposed to an isolate,” she said. “That’s how it is in its natural state. So we want to go with what nature says is right.” 

Saia is a yoga teacher and trainer, a holistic health coach, a transformational breath facilitator and raw chef. She wasn’t sure at first about adding another business, but she and Nedilsky decided to take a chance with Inspired Alchemy. 

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“We rely on a lot of different forms of communication, not just face to face” said Nedilsky, who works in the Milwaukee area during the week while Saia and her businesses are based in Madison. “That’s been something that has been to our advantage. There are times where things are tested … (but) it’s been nothing but a very healthy experience. It’s really brought out the best (in us).”

Inspired Alchemy

Bohdan Nedilsky, left, and Aubree Saia run Inspired Alchemy, a raw, organic cacao truffle business. 

Saia’s work is so thoroughly intertwined with her beliefs that it felt daunting to put the truffles out for the public and risk their reaction. Nedilsky said the truffles offer an opportunity to empower and educate others. 

“The beauty of working shoulder to shoulder with someone, both literally and figuratively, is that there’s something about that partnership that provides mutual courage,” Nedilsky said. “I think that when we have doubts, oftentimes (they) are challenging to tackle on our own. The two of us when we regroup, or when we reflect, or when we move forward or when we hit a challenge, when we’re thrown off balance — having one another there has been a really solid point.”

Inspired Alchemy does not have a storefront, but the truffles are available online and can be shipped directly to you. They are also sold at SuperCharge Foods, 1902 E. Washington Ave., which is doing curbside pick-up during Wisconsin’s “Safer at Home” order

All Inspired Alchemy truffles are sold in six-packs. Single flavor and mixed, themed superfood packages cost $15. CBD truffle six-packs range from $25 to $35.

“The chocolate company supports the healing arts and I think the healing arts support the chocolate,” Saia said. “It works both ways. It’s all connected to health and wellness.” 

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