New Headset Cannabis Market Intelligence Report Shows What Men and Women Prefer to Use Most – TimesOfCBD

Headset Cannabis Data Intelligence released some data on what women are looking for in cannabis. According to the report, although women may not consume as much as men, they comprise about one-third of the cannabis market.

In terms of product preferences, women prefer edibles, tinctures, topicals, and sublingual. The report posits that it could be due, in part, to women’s view of cannabis as a wellness product. The report also indicates that women are looking toward wellness products based on the products that they largely purchased in 2018.

Further, women are not only showing an interest in cannabis products, but they are also getting into establishing their own cannabis companies for their own age groups. For example, Jennifer Chapin co-founded Kikoko and recently stated at cannabis investor conference Arview,

“We are a women-centric, women-owned, women-operated company. By women, for women.”