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R+Co (Rogue and Company) is a topselling luxury line of styling products. Created by the collective of top stylists Garren, Thom Priano and Howard McLaren, the 23 SKU strong line ranges in price from $20-$29 and is paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, petroleum-free and keratin treatment safe. The hairdresser driven formulations include shampoos and conditioner, creams, waxes, pomades, foams, aerosols, sprays and one oil.

The latest creation for 2020 from R+Co—and so timely with quarantine—is innovating the root boost spray segment with a color enhancer. Its new Bright Shadows Root Touch-Up Spray instantly covers regrowth, gray or otherwise, between color appointments. The brand also recently rolled out a line of hair accessories and just in time for Earth Month, Super Garden CBD in April, which boasts a blend of hydrating and invigorating oils, including hemp-derived CBD, coconut oil, moringa oil and peppermint and eucalyptus oil, to gently cleanse without disrupting your scalp’s natural balance. All of the formulas are 100% vegan, gluten and cruelty-free; made without sulfates, parabens, petrolatum or mineral oil; and are leaping bunny certified.
Super Garden CBD are the first R+Co shampoo and conditioner bottles to be made from Post-Consumer Resource (PCR) packaging, helping to reduce virgin plastic consumption and decrease the use of fossil fuels and energy used in manufacturing. R+Co will transition all of their shampoo and conditioner bottles to PCR plastic by the end of 2020.
The brand now has Zoom backgrounds, launched a wellness series, is hosting educational hair tutorials through Facebook Live and is starting weekly Netflix Movie Night Parties with company co-founders.
As of April 2020, the brand has also paid $500k in commission with their affiliate program and continue to help salons and stylists around the country save their businesses.
Thom Priano, celebrity men’s stylist and co-founder of R+Co, took time to chat with Happi about the latest trends in hairstyling.
Happi: What qualities are shoppers looking for in hair styling and where do they go to find the latest products?
TP: Consumers today have hundreds of outlets to buy products; retailers [online] like Blue Mercury, Amazon and R+Co’s website. They are looking for products that do what they say and products that are not complicated. Also, they are looking for products that are good for the hair and scalp.
Happi: What are the hottest trends right now in stylers and why?
TP: Texturizers continue to be the hottest trends in stylers for 2020, but consumers are asking for products with multi benefits. For instance, texturizing sprays now provide oil-absorbing abilities, protect hair from UV rays and are infused with nutrients that nourish the hair, all while provide high-tech-all day styles.
Happi: Are there any ingredients that are big right now in hair styling and why?

TP: Many ingredients are in trend right now. Gastronomy ingredients like truffle, kombucha and vegan proteins are crossing to the hair care industry providing consumer the idea of “if I can eat it, it must be good for my hair.” Also, adoptogens (ancient herbs) are also being used. People have the need to recognize ingredients that deliver overall wellbeing. Ingredients like Maca root, holy basil and chaga and raishi mushrooms are being infused in advanced stylers to meet consumer’s needs.
Happi: What are the future trends in hair styling we need to look out for in the market?
TP: High performance and clean products are definitely what is leading the future trends in hair styling. Savvy consumers want products that perform well and contain ingredients that they recognize as good for them. Also, clean beauty is crossing from skin to hair care. Products must be easy to wash off and must have the ability to be re-shapeable. For instance, the new hair spray technologies provide holding power and styling memory, but the consumer should feel like there is nothing on the hair. The old time helmet-like hair sprays are thing of the past!  At R+Co, we continue to maintain innovation as the most important factor when it comes to products.

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