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Vaping Compared to Other Methods of Consuming CBD

CBD Vaping: Guide to Benefits and Effects - CBD Kyro

Caption: Vaping is one of the best methods of consuming CBD given its relatively greater bioavailability and quicker release of effects


Given its relative nascence, vaping is one of the least-studied methods of consuming CBD compared to other methods like edibles, topicals, capsules, patches, and others. But vaping is more effective because it releases more cannabinoids and terpenes. Its greater bioavailability implies that users are more likely to enjoy the drug’s full range of effects. Also, as a result of its higher bioavailability, users often need smaller doses of CBD compared to the other methods. The method that comes with as much bioavailability is smoking, but vaping is much safer. 

In this guide, we’ll examine how vaping CBD can help bring relief to a wide array of ailments. 

CBD has been on the spotlight in the medical world for several years now, capturing headlines every now and then as more study results emerge to lend credence to its therapeutic potentials. The substance has been shown to possess a host of therapeutic effects including those for anxiety relief, pain relief, improved appetite, and improved mood.

It can render these effects without altering your consciousness or the triggering other side effects associated with the cannabis plant. Note, however, that it’s important to get the dosing right in order to harness the effects of the drugs optimally. The intensity of the drug’s effects mostly depends on the dosing, and you need a different approach to dosing with vaping compared to the other consumption methods.

With the right doses, you can expect the following range of effects when vaping CBD oil:

  • Relaxation
  • Calm and alertness
  • Comfort
  • Pain relief
  • Less anxiety
  • Elevated mood

Heavier doses of the drug might induce sleepiness, in contrast to the high alertness felt with lighter doses.

Vaping is one of the best methods of consuming CBD because it induces the drug’s effects much faster, allowing you to figure out what dose suits you best more quickly. The vaporizer heats the CBD juice to a high temperature to vaporize it for the user to inhale. When inhaled, CBD is absorbed in the bloodstream far more rapidly compared to other methods of consumption.

Caption: CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system through the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are heavily linked with a host of bodily functions


Vaping allows you to tap into the immense medicinal properties of CBD. Some symptoms that are commonly treated by vaping CBD include: 

Chronic pain: This is one of the symptoms that CBD is most commonly used to treat. Although there’s currently no conclusive evidence proving the efficacy of CBD in treating pain symptoms, researchers are certain that CBD can be more beneficial than harmful to people with chronic pain. 

Anxiety and depression: The results of studies on the effects of CBD on people with depression are incongruent. However, CBD’s generally calming and uplifting effects can help people fight depression and anxiety. Besides, several clinical trials have demonstrated CBD’s effectiveness in bringing relief for people struggling with general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety disorder.

Epilepsy: Epilepsy is currently the only ailment that the FDA has approved a CBD-based treatment for. Epidiolex, the CBD drug approved by the FDA, was shown in a double-blind study of 120 subjects to significantly minimize the frequency of seizures.

Insomnia: As noted earlier, higher doses of CBD tend to induce mild drowsiness and CBD, and this can help defeat insomnia. Clinical trials have shown that 160 mg or higher doses of CBD can increase sleep time significantly for people with insomnia. 

Heart diseases: Thanks to its highly potent anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and cardio-protective characteristics, CBD has proven to help treat and prevent damages and malfunctions in the circulatory system that might lead to heart diseases. 

Diabetes: The excellent anti-inflammatory properties of CBD also make it effective for treating type 1 diabetes. Compared to insulin and other diabetes medication, CBD has been shown to have greater potentials for suppressing and reversing the effects of high glucose. 

Cancer: Cancer patients can benefit from CBD in more ways than one. Clinical studies have confirmed the capacity of CBD to induce apotheosis (self-destruction) in cancerous cells. CBD also helps chemo patients cope better with side effects like nausea and vomiting. The calming, uplifting effects of the drug can also help make life more bearable for cancer patients.

Can you Treat your Symptoms by Vaping CBD?

More studies are still needed to verify the applicability of CBD in the treatment of various ailments. What’s clear, though, is that the benefits of CBD by far outweigh its risks in the treatment of these illnesses. 

However, it’s always advisable to seek out the advice of a medical expert before you begin self-medicating CBD by vaping.